About TANK

  • Futures

    - Better and longer Service span of equipment due to 2.5mm thick inner tank.
    - 50mm PUF Insulation retains hear for a longer duration.
    - 100% dependable compared to Gas & Electric Geyser.
    - Get 50 to 65 degree hot water at any time at almost zero recurring expense.
    - Keep environment clean as 100 litter SWH prevent emission of 1.5 tonnes of carbon-dioxide per year.
    - Once installed, no worry of frequent maintenance

  • Technical Specifications For Tank

    Inner Tank 2.5mm Galvanized Iron (G.I.)
    Inner Coating High Grade Anti-Corrosive Coating
    Outer Cladding 0.5mm Galvanized Iron (G.I.) with P P Power Coating
    Insulation 50mm PUF
    Stand 1.6mm (G.I.) with P P Powder Coating or 30 x 30 x 3mm M.S with P P Powder Coating
    Connections 1"
    Electric Backup 1.25"

  • Monthly Saving on Electricity Bills

    Rating of the Electric Geyser/Heater Daily Usage
    5 Person 10 Person 15 Person
    Monthly Electricity Bill (Rs.)*
    2 Kw 324.00 628.00 972.00
    3 Kw 486.00 972.00 1458.00
    *Assuring Rs. 4.00 per KWH+Service tax and 30 days per month

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