• Declaration

    Today AMRUT ENTERPRISE with its quality product and service has become a large LED solar street lights manufacturer in India. We can give a lot of variation and do a lot of customization as per a clients need making us a unique solutions provider when it comes to providing LED solar street light solutions. Our engineers with there excellent onsite experience can offer cost efficient but at the same time robust and high quality solutions.

    Our LED solar street lights consist of very high quality super bright LED which deliver a very high lumens to watt ratio. Along with this our lights also consist of highly efficient solar panels and batteries ,which enable the system to work more efficiently. We also provide an array of options for your panels from make to size along with a great selection in batteries; this flexibility and experience will make your purchase extremely worth while.

    The Led solar street lights range start from 6w and go up all the way to 60watts.We will give you what size panel and battery you require along with the autonomy you need for the system. Today with solar solutions become a necessity instead of a reality has made it a really important money saving tool.

  • Helping Choose an efficient solar street lighting system

    - Determine solar radiation
    - Determine sunshine duration
    - Determine climatology a given latitude
    - Determine how many hours of illumination is required daily
    - Determine how many days the lights should operate in case of overcast weather

  • Salient features of LED/CFL solar street lighting system are

    - More than 2 days of autonomy
    - Automatic dusk to dawn controller
    - High efficient charge controller
    - Weather proof luminaries
    - Unbreakable solid case

  • Specifications

    Input Voltage 12v nominal
    Current Consumption 650mA + /-50mA
    LED/CFL Driver Efficiency more than 92%
    Charge Controller Efficiency >92%
    Power Consumption Less than 15 watts
    LED/CFL Lumen Efficient 80-100 Lumens per watt
    Rated Lamp Life (Average) 50.000 Hrs.
    Material Unbreakable Poly Carbonate Chimney & Nylon Body
    PV Module As Applicable
    Battery As Applicable
    Pole 5 Meter MS Powder Coted

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